Feeding / Nov 2019

This month was so different from the first one. I am beginning to be used to things here and we met some new people and started a new project for working. This month we are in the kitchen of Holy Spirit Elementary School.

These weeks were so exhausting for me. Every day we had to wake up at 4am, because we had to leave at 5am and be at work at 6am. The positive aspect of this was, that we could leave the kitchen at 2pm and be off for the rest of the day. But we needed more than an hour for our way back home and I wanted to go to sleep by 8pm already, so I did not have that much time to myself upon my arrival at 3.30pm. Another positive aspect is, that we are always provided with left over food from the kitchen to bring home, so we do not have to cook for the whole week. And the food from the kitchen is very delicious and very healthy. The volunteers in the kitchen are among the friendliest people I have met here and the most „selfie-addicted“ people I know. Many times throughout the day they would take selfies with the volunteers. And they obviously all want to be in the picture. Sometimes I am tired of them taking selfies, but they are always so happy doing it, that it makes me happy, too. 

They also teach you new words in Tagalog. I can now count to the number eight and ask “How are you”, I can say “delicious” and some other words. I am excited to learn some more.

When my volunteer companion felt sick I went to Holy Spirit Elementary School alone. I managed well, even though I prefer the company of my fellow buddy.

Situation of Living:

Our situation of living here in the Philippines is much different to my living situation in Germany. We live here in a small house in Marikina City, Barangka. Manila actually is nine cities all in one area and Metro Manila is the main district of it. Marikina City is one of the nine cities and is also part of Metro Manila. But the campus of Ateneo de Manila University is in Quezon City. Quezon City is one of the nine cities of Metro Manila as well and also part of Metro Manila. We live that close to the boarder to Marikina City that it is only 500 meters to walk. When you pass the gate to the campus, you are actually in Quezon City.

The part of Barangka where we live is called Della Costa Homes. Della Costa Homes is like a small one-way-street with a lot of smaller streets. At the entrance there is a small house with a guard, who would not check on you when you want to cross the street or pass there by car or tricycle.

In our house the four of us have three rooms on the first floor, with two beds in each room. We have two bathrooms, both with shower and toilet, but we only use one as a shower, because the toilet is very close to the shower and if somebody uses the shower everything in the bathroom is wet. 

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